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Hunting at Logan Ranch

This is the heart of deer, elk, moose and bear country.

But, if you want chance at one of the most desirable and famous trophies in North America. . . .

Spend a week hunting elk moose and deer--you may have an opportunity to put your sights on the largest animals you've ever seen! 

Alberta whitetail deer have the largest bodies and antlers of the many species of whitetails across North America. A mature buck can weigh over 300 pounds.

An adult mule deer buck will weigh from 150 to 300 pounds on the hoof, with does averaging 100 to 175 pounds.  The occasional trophy-sized mule deer buck may weigh in around 400 pounds.

And our elk are more than twice as heavy as mule deer!

Stand hunting, rattling, grunt calling, still hunting and stalking, ground blinds and treestands are all effective methods for hunting. Another technique for rooting out midday bucks from cover is a drive.  "Pushing bush" as it's most commonly referred to, is a very successful method for getting animals that might not otherwise show themselves.

November is traditionally the best time for hunting but late August and early September can be productive to the bow hunter in search of bucks.

Bears are among the most favoured big game animals because of their imposing size, elusiveness, and sharp senses.  Ask around--if there are complaints about bears, you will be very welcome and receive advice on where and when to look for the animal.  

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